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Business Consulting

The administration of an ambulance service is complex. Keeping up with the ever-changing healthcare environment can be a daunting task. Many administrators have experienced times when being able to "phone a friend" for a hand would have been extremely helpful. We're here to assist when you need us! Our specialists have experience in leadership, management, business operations and field operations. We can create a custom consulting package that suits your specific needs and help clear out that lingering to-do list. Contact us today for a free consultation to see what we can do for you!

Chart Review

Chart review can be one of the most painstakingly tedious tasks faced by administrators. It is often one of the most burdensome and often neglected tasks, and the inflow never stops. Consequently, it is also one of your most important management tools. Chart reviews provide you with the feedback necessary to optimize many of your agency's programs and initiatives. Whether you need one time help catching up on reviews or if you are considering the option of outsourcing the function all together, we can help. Our reviews will be based on your protocols and you will be provided with a comprehensive report on the charts reviewed.

Performance Analysis

Gathering data on employee performance markers and other established benchmarks can be an arduous task. It is time consuming and often quite tedious. Proper feedback and analysis however, are vital to guiding many programs such as continuing education and employee remediation. We can help your agency establish benchmarks based on your own protocols and use your ePCR system data to track provider performance. We can also assist you in creating remedial training programs geared toward correcting identified issues. 

Customer Feedback

Few situations are more volatile than that of caring for a person's health in an emergency situation. Operating as a medical professional in this environment requires multiple skills to be executed at once. Call reports can be reviewed to assess the medical skills of your providers, but how do you assess their interactions with patient's, patient's families, the public, other responders and healthcare workers, etc? The answer is...you have to ask. Customer service surveys are a very effective way to solicit feedback on how your providers are relating to those you serve, and serve alongside. How is your agency perceived by the public? Neglecting this aspect of your operation can be detrimental, but keeping up with it can help you adjust course when necessary and result in a great many benefits. Don't have the time it takes to effectively administer such a program? We do, and we're here to help!