Optimal EMS billing and performance evaluation requires powerful data collection tools. Since we specialize in EMS business management, not technical engineering, we decided to scour the industry to bring you the best of the best. In our quest to find the best tools for optimizing business performance, we discovered a revolutionary ePCR software system built by Beyond Lucid Technologies. This software is truly a hidden gem! It is a product that will blow your mind time and time again as you explore its amazing capabilities. It was also the first ePCR product to be certified as NEMESIS 3 compliant in North Carolina!


What does this mean for your agency? It means that:

-your operations will be based on a powerful data collection tool that can be trusted to out perform the rest.

-you are investing in a software package that will evolve with the industry so that you never have to switch again.

-you will be moving into the next generation of data functionality that can help solve the issues of today and tomorrow, not just yesterday.

-you can collect data from all aspects of your agency- EMS, Convalescent, Fire, Community Paramedicine- in one system.

-your productivity and data sharing between ambulances, first responders, fire department, and emergency room will be truly optimized saving you time and money!


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Many states offer "FREE" ePCR software, but did you know...

When you calculate the difference in the time it takes most providers to complete a chart with other software compared to the time you will save in charting with MediView, you can actually SAVE money by switching! That's right, in many cases, this product can actually cost you LESS than the free versions!