This page contains information and resources for patients who are cared for by our client partners, and is updated periodically.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Federal law requires that a Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) be provided to all Medicare beneficiaries at the time of service or as soon as possible in cases of emergency services. Here you will find the Notices of Privacy Practices that has been adopted by the ambulance service that provided your care, as indicated on the card that you were given at the time of service. This NPP pertains to all patients and operations of the ambulance provider, not just Medicare beneficiaries.

Record Requests

If you are a patient, representative of a patient, a law firm or other entity that needs to access a patient record, please fax or mail a written request for medical records to our office at:

Phone/Fax:  866-9-EVOLVE

Mailing Address:  PO Box 866 Swansboro, NC  28584.

Please include a copy of your photo ID and a Release of Medical Information form signed by the patient or their authorized representative. If you do not already have a medical information release form, you may access one via the link below.